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2020 Mock Rock was best ever

A large group of students performed a mock of a Bruno Mars medley of songs to win first place in the 2020 Mock Rockby Lady Gaga. Photo by Davenport Latner.

The audience was experiencing lots of anticipation on the night of Feb. 29 in the Ewing Gymnasium as Mock Rock 2020 was about to begin. Audience member Mark Hontz, said, “I have no clue what’s coming or what to expect. It’s all a big surprise to me.” Would Mock Rock better than ever? Yes! Mock Rock 2020 was the best in recent memory. It was a true spectacle.

In the talent category, “Early Bird Sunrise,” an original song from a student jazz band, won first place. Coming in second was “No Volveré,” which was performed by Preslee Gerber, and quite literally riding into third was a teacher band The Psycholists, who rode into the venue on their bicycles. For the the mock category, a colorful, large-scale mock of a medley of Bruno Mars took first place. Second place was earned by another large group performance, but this time they performed the iconic musical Grease. Winning third place was a massive mock of the musical La La Land.

Compared to several other Mock Rocks in the past, this year’s smorgasbord of performances contained a larger variety of genres of music, dance, and influences from all across pop culture. There was even a good balance of teacher and student acts. Overall, this lead to a memorable show and more of it should be seen in future years.

Secondly, amazing tech provided by Adept Events also led to absolutely entrancing performances. The lights, in particular, were on point. The wide variety of colors added to every act. The bass was top notch when it came to the audio. Nearly all acts were loud and clear. According to Faith Rocha, ASB’s lead organizer for Mock Rock, said that the Atascadero Middle School’s Roadies, eighth graders in that school’s leadership program, also helped build a great show.

Many past Mock Rocks have been performed at the Atascadero Middle School gymnasium, but this one was performed at the Ewing Gymnasium on the AHS campus, which proved to be a better location. Rocha mentioned that this both simplified the logistics of organizing the event and provided a good sense of school pride.

While everything this year went exceedingly well, Rocha said, “We could expand Mock Rock with more outside community involvement. Raffles or inside competition among the audience are good ideas.” However, either way, Mock Rock 2020 was an amazing event and hopefully next year’s will be just as great.

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