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Students ‘chill’ at Winter Formal

King Logan Jones and Queen Anneline Breytenbach were crowned during Winter Formal.

Photo by Vincent Crosbie

The week prior to Winter Formal featured Spirit Week games during lunch. The blindfolded students put make-up on the “canvas” partner for hilarious results. Photo by Vincent Crosbie

On Saturday, Feb. 1, AHS held its annual Winter Formal dance at the Paso Robles Event Center with an icy winter theme. During the week leading up to the dance, the ASB Leadership class invited all students to participate in the festivities with daily activities held at lunch. Every day had a different theme; students had the option to take part in Spirit Days, which were PJ Monday, Cozy Sock and Sweater Day for Tuesday, “Iced-out” Wednesday, Flannel Thursday, and as always, Orange and Grey Friday.

This year, the event center was decorated with hundreds of white snowflakes, and many students followed the theme and dressed in white and blue. At the entrance, groups of friends and couples could have their photos taken by a professional photographer against a wintery background of a giant snowflake with bright white lighting.

Inside the event center, there were several sections in which all students could feel comfortable. The dance had a, “Chill Zone,” that was furnished with comfortable seating and even had a few board games. Those who wanted to take the load off their feet after dancing, or just have a quiet environment to hang out with their friends made their way over to this section. In another part of the room was a table set with a variety of free snacks like oreo cookies, cupcakes, gummy worms, and fruit punch.

In a separate room altogether, the dance floor was the life of the party. Groups and couples alike eventually found themselves in a beautifully lit room with spotlights and fantastic music. Sophomore Juliette De Toro stated, “I had an amazing time; the music and food was great, and I can’t wait to go to the next one.” The only complaint students had was the lack of slow dances, which besides the dance sanctioned for the Winter Formal King and Queen of the evening, seniors Logan Jones and Anneline Breytenbach, only two slow dances occurred. Overall, it was a night to remember, and Winter Formal continues to be a great tradition.

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