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Hot Dogs For Top Dogs

Students who earned a place on the Honor Roll and their hungry teachers were served hot dogs at lunch to recognize their academic achievements. Photo by Harper Pambrun

On Jan. 23, a total of 461 AHS students were awarded for qualifying for the first semester honor roll. Students made either the Faculty, Principal’s, or Superintendent’s Honor Roll and received a certificate of excellence and a ticket for a free hotdog at lunch.

One hundred fifty-four students made the Faculty Honor Roll. Sixty-three students made Principal’s Honor Roll, and 244 students qualified for the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. To make the Faculty Honor Roll, students needed a GPA of 3.5-3.75. For the Principal's Honor Roll, students earning a GPA of 3.76-3.99 were chosen, and students had to earn a GPA of 4.0 (straight A’s) or above to qualify the Superintendent’s Honor Roll.

Students lined up in front of the B-building at lunch to receive their celebratory hot dogs, which were cooked on the AG Department’s barbeque pit and served by administration staff members from the front office. Students simply gave their tickets to a staff member, then received a hot dog from one of the three staff members and students manning the pit. After about fifteen minutes, everyone who qualified for inclusion on an Honor Roll and wanted one had received their hot dog reward. Principal Neely also greeted and congratulated the line of Honor Roll students.

Principal Neely said to students, “Due to your hard work and dedication, you have earned the distinction of Honor Roll. At Atascadero High School, we are deeply committed to creating dynamic learning environments in which students can reach their highest potential. Thank you for striving for excellence!” The staff at AHS are always seeking new ways to reward students who pursue academic excellence with commitment and hard work.

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