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Boys basketball team shreds competition this season

AHS’s Trey Gamble prepares to make a pass to teammate Gabriel Carroll.

The AHS boys varsity basketball team has finished the season as third place in the league with an overall record at 15-12 and a league record at 6-6 and now are continuing on to CIF.

Some highlights of the season include a 63-17 victory by the Hounds against Orcutt Academy at a home match played on Feb. 7. On Jan. 28 Atascadero won a home game against the Santa Maria Saints with a score of 71-51.

In a home match against the Pioneer Valley Panthers on Jan. 24, the Greyhounds pulled away with a 56-41 point victory. The Hounds were relentless, always seized the opportunity to take a shot, and were ahead throughout the match. Atascadero was clearly in favor of winning the match because of the Panther’s overwhelming disadvantages. Pioneer Valley’s overall record for this season coming into the match was 3-16.

The Hounds started out strong and quickly gained an eight point lead starting with senior Aiden Bremer. With such an outstanding start, Atascadero’s moral was up, and it set a precedent for the rest of the game.

At the end of the first quarter, the score was already in the Hounds favor at 17-13, but it was when the buzzer sounded the second quarter, Atascadero stepped up their game to an entirely different level. Without relinquishing a single point, the Hounds relentlessly pushed the Panthers into a corner and gained 20 points, bringing the score to 40-16.

Pioneer Valley attempted to close the gap going into the second half but just couldn’t get past any of Atascadero’s strong defenses. Junior Mitchel Carpenter and senior Trey Gamble showed exceptional skill. “The home game against Pioneer Valley went in our favor, overall the season has been one to remember,” stated Gamble. The third quarter ended with a total score of 52-36 in Atascadero’s favor.

The final quarter ended quite uneventfully but with another victory for the Hounds at 56-41. Atascadero’s persistance throughout the season will continue into CIF.

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