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Improv Team sings for laughs in their annual ‘Time for Tunes’ show

Seth Wilson performs some musical comedy as part of the Improv Team’s “Time for Toons” show. Photo by Codi Carroll

Ever since the Improv Team auditions were held on Aug. 29, drama teacher, Ms. Volpa has been practicing with her students for their upcoming events. The team's first official performance was held on Sept. 26. On Oct. 11 they hosted a very special singing improv show, Time for Tunes, in the Black Box at 7 p.m.

Despite the show being performed in the fall, the show featured a set with a winter theme, with a background of a Christmas tree and a fireplace. At first, a mixed group of students on and off the Improv team danced and sang to a variety of music of their choosing. The routines showed a lot of diversity that ranged from dance solos of songs like, “All I want for Christmas is You,” even including a trio of singers performing a song called “Return to Sender.” While the audio wasn’t perfect, the audience could easily tell that the students put in a lot of time practicing, and the performances were very entertaining.

The next performance was a game called “Hey Dude,” where all the team members lined up and sang a song about how their day went to the tempo of the Beatles song, “Hey Jude.” With each new member stepping on stage, the audience roared with laughter.

The team went on to play many different games for the rest of the show like “Sounds like a Song, Singing Psychiatrist, and Funeral.” The crowd was filled with families and children, so when the crowd got to participate in these games, they went wild with imagination and excitedly yelled out ideas whenever asked.

For the final performance of the night, the team decided to have a Riff Off. A Riff Off is when one person starts out the song, and the rest of the group has to sing along; at any time a member can interrupt with a new song and everyone has to switch. The audience chose to have the team start out with halloween music, but after a few minutes it changed drastically into nursery rhymes.

Overall, the show went exceedingly well, and the audience was complimenting the members on their performances. Not a single person left the Black Box without a smile stretching from ear to ear. Sophomore and member of the Improv team Kaleb Henderson had this to say about the experience: “It went great! The team showed lots of talent and seem to be in it for the long haul.”

Those interested in seeing upcoming theater events can catch the talented performers at the following events in the Black Box Theater on campus:

  • The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon from Nov. 15 - Nov. 23 on Fridays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 2pm and 7pm.

  • The Panic Basket Improv shows on Dec. 12, Jan. 24, Feb. 21, April 24, and May 29 at 7pm.

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