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AHS welcomes several new teachers

Mr. Guerrero, Ms. Ramos, and Ms. Cooks are among the new teachers to join the AHS staff this school year. Photo contributed

It’s official; seven new teachers have joined the AHS family this year, with the addition of Mr. Aster, teaching Social Science; Mr. Renteria, teaching Automotive CTE; Ms. Simmons teaching in the Learning Center; Ms. Cooks and Ms. Ramos, both teaching PE; Mr. Grijalva, teaching in the Therapeutic Learning Center; and Mr. Hale, teaching in the Learning Center.

AHS is happy to welcome all of the new teachers to the team. Many of the new teachers at AHS were asked a series of questions about why they chose to come to Atascadero High and how they came to realize they wanted to be teachers. Ms. Ramos recalled why she wanted to be a PE teacher, “It is both a fun and challenging program that promotes an active lifestyle. I may share my love for physical fitness, as well as help others develop skills and healthy habits.” Mr. Aster, the new social studies teacher, feels that it is, “...a privilege to teach the students here at AHS.” Meanwhile when Mr. Aster was asked why he teaches social studies, he responded,” I teach Social Studies because I value what it has to teach us about our world.” Also, Ms. Cooks, the second new PE teacher, wants students here at AHS to know that ”I care about each one of my students and their success. I am very excited to get to know them and help them reach their goals.”

All of the new teachers here at AHS want students to know that they care about their students and that they want them to succeed. Whereas, when teachers were asked what motivated them to become teachers and what challenges they faced, Ms. Cooks responded,” I worked in health and fitness for 12 years as a personal trainer, health coach, and wellness coordinator. I have always enjoyed working with kids and finally had the opportunity to teach this year. I’m very excited to be a Greyhound!” Then when Ms. Ramos was asked the same questions, she responded that she wanted to become a teacher “...when I was in the 8th grade! I have had many wonderful teachers and coaches over the years, all of which had helped me achieve my goals.” At the time that Mr. Aster was asked about when he realized that he wanted to be a teacher, he responded,” I changed majors just a few weeks into college, so early during my freshman year I knew I wanted to become a teacher.” Fun Fact: Mr. Aster is the husband of AHS math teacher Ms. MacLeod. The two young teachers got married over the summer and can now share a ride to work! All the new teachers here at AHS have discovered their passion for teaching and are excited to work at AHS this year.

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