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Construction both ending and beginning at AHS

The new shops and science classroom are close to being finished. Teachers are hoping to move in over Winter Break. Photo by Morgan Orgeron.

Major Construction on the Atascadero High School campus is in its third year, and a few major projects are ending, while another is just getting started. The construction of new Science/Ag buildings and the renovations to the girl’s locker room are behind schedule, but nearing completion, and the long awaited construction of the new Black Box Theater is finally underway.

The construction of the new Science/Ag classrooms was projected to be completed before the start of school, but because of unexpected delays, the construction continues. According to Principal Neely, teachers and students are expected to fully occupy the new science classrooms in the Science/Ag complex starting second semester after teachers move in over winter break, which will take place between Dec. 23 and Jan. 6. The Ag complex, which includes the shops and their adjoining classrooms, may be occupied sooner as they are currently being held in the old B Building, which has no shop facilities. By Oct. 1 Mr. Weatherly’s ag classes had moved into their shop, but as in all things construction related, those dates may change for the other future occupants.

The benefits of these new classrooms are that they are updated with modern technology and lab facilities. Teachers and students look forward to classrooms with more space and improved utilities. Principal Neely said the classrooms are “State-of-the-art… with completely modern technology and classroom facilities.”

Renovations to the girls locker room began over summer break and was projected to be completed within a week of the start of school this fall. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and students finally began receiving their lockers on Oct. 9. The improvements include the addition of new showers, more lockers for students, and a complete restroom renovation.

Another project that has students and staff excited is The Black Box Theater construction which has begun and is projected to be completed in the spring of 2021. New ADA compliant access routes are also being constructed going from handicapped parking to classroom facilities. Future projects will include the remodeling of the C-wing (the old science rooms), the construction of new tennis courts, and the demolition of the the B-building.

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