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Spring Spirit Rally celebrates students

Counselor Ms. Hurni (center), Spanish teacher Ms. Bravo, and staff member Ms. Shalhoub, along with other staff members, mock a scene from the musical Pitch Perfect, much to the delight of the audience. Photo by Megan Weferling

The Stunt Team performs their gravity-defying routines while students gasp, then cheer as everyone lands safely. Photo by Megan Weferling

The Kajabe game was the hit of the rally as students fought hard to drag each other into the trash cans without letting go of the rope. Photo by Megan Weferling

High-flying Jordan Merritt displays the skills that the Stunt Team uses to perform jaw-dropping routines. Photo by Megan Weferling

On May 2 the gym was packed full with over 1,300 kids stuffed into the bleachers for the annual Spring Spirit Rally. This year-end event celebrates the students and staff at Atascadero High and features performing artists, games, and spirit competitions. The Leadership class organizes the event, which winds up the school year on a high note.

As the students were filling into the gym, the band was playing music to get everyone in the mood for an hour of fast-moving fun. The event started off with a four-way tug of war, which a spirit competition. Three girls and three boys were selected to represent each class. The louder each class yells for its team, the better chance they have at winning the Spirit Stick. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all seated in designated sections of the gym. Two rounds were played, and juniors won both times.

Next, staff members performed their Mock Rock routine, a medley from Pitch Perfect. Their enthusiastic performance was a huge hit with the student audience judging by the applause and cheering. The winner of the Mock Rock talent show, Salvador Murillo, performed his dance performance and had students cheering him on.

Next the three-time World Champion AHS Robotics team was celebrated for their win at the Houston World Championships. Show choir also performed selections from this year’s season. The Stunt Team had the audience gasping with their gravity-defying routines. They demonstrated tumbling, aerobatics, and team pyramid formations that were elaborate and dangerous. Based on the enthusiasm displayed by the audience, the Stunt Team’s performance was one of the highlights of the rally.

The hit of the rally, however, was definitely the Kajabe Can Can, a game in which players run around trash cans and hold onto short pieces of rope (one in each hand). If a player is yanked into a trashcan or break their grip on the rope, they are eliminated. Play pauses after an elimination, giving a much-needed time for players to get a good grip on their ropes and take a breath. The cheering was deafening as the audience screamed their support for the remaining players. Students went flying through the air and slammed down on the mats as the play became extremely competitive. Kajabe Can Can is no game for the meek at heart. There were two rounds, one for girls and one for the boys, each consisting of 12 players. The final player left standing earned the winners title, becoming an instant hero to their classmates.

To close the rally, Principal Neely called upon all staff members who are AHS alumni to join him on the gym floor to sing the Alma Mater as the band played. The fact that so many of the AHS staff actually graduated from and has come back to serve the high school is a testament to how Atascadero is such a close-knit community. Everyone in attendance could feel the school spirit was Greyhound Pride. The Spirit Stick was awarded to the seniors for earning the most participation points during the rally, which closed the popular event.

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