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Sidewalk chalk art contest focuses on the environment

Phoebe Pilg, Brynn McKenzie, Alicia Rios, and Bella Winslow made up Team 2 created their sidewalk art creation that won second place. Photo by Morgan Orgeron

The 2019 Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest took place on May 1 with the theme “Help and Healing for the Planet.”

The annual event is organized by Visual Arts teachers Ms. Harback and Ms. Steyer and takes place on the blacktop in front of the B-building. “Sidewalk Art is an opportunity for students to work together creatively and to showcase their artistic abilities,” said Ms. Harback. This year’s contest included 11 groups, each one working as a team to create their masterpieces. All AHS students were welcome to enter the contest; the chalk was provided. “The chalk art event is fun because it's like an ‘in school’ field trip, and students get to spend time outside of their regular classes doing art and collaborating as a team,” said Ms. Steyer.

Students participating in the contest were excused from first and third period to create their artwork, and judging took place during lunch. The first place winner was Team 11: Vincent Crosbie, Jearon Gilbert, Stella Deskin, Gabrieyl Vering, and Josephine Agourah. Their piece depicted “Mother Gaia,” an ancient Greek goddess who represents the mother of life and the Earth. They wanted to symbolize healing and rebirth for the planet. The second place winner was Team 2: Phoebe Pilg, Bella Winslow, Alicia Rios, and Brynn McKenzie. “We drew people from all across the world coming together to hold up the Earth, because we only get one planet, one chance,” said McKenzie. Team 3, consisting of Jake Marca, Haddie Daner, Jaycee Haynes, Morgan Lasslett, and Breck Ediger, won third place. The winners got to choose prizes from a variety of painting supplies, drawing supplies, and sketchbooks.

The theme of “Hope and Healing for the Planet” was chosen in honor of Earth Day and the effects of climate change. “We chose the theme because it's relevant to all of us, especially the teens who inherit our planet,” said Ms. Steyer. The theme was aimed to prompt AHS students to reflect about what they are doing for the planet and the local environment, and to inspire them to think about what more they can do.

The contest inspired some creative, colorful artwork aimed to raise awareness about protecting the environment and the planet. “The best part of the event is watching the students work together as a team, have fun, and to see the school community enjoy the results,” said Ms. Harback.

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