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Prom ‘Lights Up the Night’

Prom king and queen are Mariah Boche and Sean Brown pose after being crowned. Photo contributed by Valerie McGill

Prom king Sean Brown is carried to his “throne” by pals Wyatt Marshall and Dante Donati. Photo contributed by Valerie McGill

Prom Queen Mariah Boche gets crowned. Photo contributed by Valerie McGill

A student shops for a prom dress at Cinderella’s Closet. Photo by Zayra Salinas

A magical castle setting was the scene for the 2019 AHS “Light Up the Night” prom, which took place on May 4 at Tooth and Nail Winery from 8 pm to 11:30 pm. More than 300 students packed into the winery, where fairy lights and gold decorations created a brightly-lit atmosphere for the annual dance. The student Leadership team also provided various types of snacks, a photo booth, and games at prom. Many fast-paced songs were played, eventually transitioned into slow songs during the night.

Seniors Mariah Boche and Sean Brown were crowned Prom queen and king as the dance progressed. “I was so happy when I received prom queen!” Boche said. “It made me feel really loved and special.” She said she also liked the theme, saying, “It was really elegant, and the decorations were simple, but pretty.” According to prom king Sean Brown, “Prom was so sick! All my friends were at prom, and I felt so much love coming from everyone.” He enjoyed dancing with his friends, and when he found out he was elected prom king, Wyatt Marshall and Dante Donati lifted him to the front. “I was [also] excited for Mariah for winning prom queen,” Brown added. “This prom is definitely something I will remember forever.”

Senior Hannah Hagy said, “Overall, the DJ was good; everyone was super excited, and it was a blast on the dance floor.” She added, “I would have liked if ASB had done song requests, but other than that they did a great job.”

During the days leading up to the dance, Cinderella’s Closet was open during Study Hall. Students were provided with formal wear, jewelry, and more.

The ASB Juniors officers chose the theme and once settled, divided into different committees. They tackled multiple tasks relating to decorations, music, food, and venue for the night. “Our class all had suggestions on what the theme should be, and “Light Up the Night” was the most popular option,” said Mackenzie Brysons.

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