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Taco Stand and Jamba Juice help seniors raise money for Grad Nite

A line of students waits to order food at The Taco Stand to help raise money for Grad Nite.

Photo by Natalie Hurd

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays from March through May, a food truck from The Taco Stand and a Jamba Juice booth have been on campus during lunch in front of the B-building to raise money for Grad Nite trip to Disneyland on May 10. All students and staff had the opportunity to help support the trip for the seniors by buying a 16-ounce refreshing smoothie at Jamba Juice on Wednesdays, or buying tacos at the taco truck on Tuesdays. The popularity of those items can be judged by the long lines at each vendor’s location.

The cost to purchase a ticket for the Grad Nite trip is a nonrefundable $250; the seniors leave on Friday, May 10 and return Saturday, May 11. Grad Nite is an all-day and all-night party at Disneyland and California Adventure, exclusive to graduating seniors. The final day for ticket purchases was Mar 25.

Students raced over to The Taco Stand truck every Tuesday at the beginning of lunch to order a burrito, tacos, or other items offered on the special menu. Even some teachers order food from the truck. Student Dante Humes said, “I like the taco truck to come on campus because it makes it easier for us, instead of walking to the gas station.”

On Jamba Juice Wednesdays, pre-made drinks are available in front of the B-building for $6 each. Students come to the stand and wait in line for a refreshing drink, especially during the warmer spring weather lately.

On Apr. 10 from 11 am to 10 pm there was a separate fundraiser for Grad Nite as Streetside Ale House & Eatery offered five percent of their total sales directly to AHS Grad Nite.

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