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New committee recognizes staff and students for the way they embody ‘Respect’

Both staff and student winners of the Respect recognition contest were treated to Mr. Pickles sandwiches and earned certificates during Study Hall. Photo Megan Weferling

Part of being an Atascadero Greyhound is to “Bleed Orange and Sweat Grey,” which is the motto that students and staff recently voted on to represent Atascadero High School. Greyhounds act with respect, pride, and spirit to represent “Bleeding Orange” and are prompt, prepared, productive, and show perseverance to represent “Sweating Grey.”. Starting in January, the student body and staff are being given an opportunity each month to nominate students and staff members that exhibit these traits.

During February, that vote focused on staff and student who embody respect. On Feb. 21 during Study Hall, nine students and four staff members were awarded certificates during their reception because they are an exemplar of respect. The awardees enjoyed Mr. Pickles sandwiches as Ms. Medina handed out awards that had personalized quotes from the submissions. Tim Gulliver, Giovanna Gonzalez, Jessica Jen, Tori Schamber, Angela Enterline, Katie Kershner, Jacob Winch, Ammon Meredith, and Nicolas Sepulveda were congratulated as the student winners. The staff members who were chosen were Darcy Price, Dr. Libby Madding, Darvell Cullors, and Mr. Smith. Winners were chosen from the nominees by the Student Advisory Council, part of the new PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) committee, which is trying to improve campus culture.

These students and staff members were picked based on the explanations about why and how they demonstrated respect. The winners have exemplified respect by being honorable, dignified, courteous, and selfless individuals. For example, according to Ms. Medina, they help others, make eye contact when speaking, treat everyone fairly, stand up for what is right, and say please and thank you.

Ms. Medina encouraged all students and staff members to model behavior after these individuals during the schools’ morning announcements.

The theme for the month of March is “Responsibility, which encompasses being prompt, prepared, productive and learning to persevere. Individuals submitted their nominations on Mar. 7 and 8 for those who embody the concept of responsibility. Students and staff completed a Google Survey that was sent to everyone, adding a detailed reason why their nominees are responsible. The following are the winners for being productive, prepared, prompt, and for perseverance. Student winners are Kelly Wales, Mia Perry, Aude Mahieu, Claire Livengood, Faith Hawkins, and Gabriel Wilson. Staff members who won are Mr. DeRose, Ms. Corey, Ms. Farrior, and Ms. Marshall. These students and staff members, as well as future winners, are excellent examples of what it means to Bleed Orange and Sweat Grey.

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