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AHS Stunt Team takes off

AHS Stunt team athletes perform a stunt called a “hitch.” Photo by Morgan Orgeron

Stunt flyers sophomore Jayden Merritt and sophomore Caylee Mintey perform a stunt called a “prone.” Photo by Morgan Orgeron

The AHS Stunt team is starting the season with high hopes. After being formed just last year, they are taking off as a competitive and well-rounded group.

Last year, stunt was recognized as an official sport in California high schools. “Stunt being recognized as a sport allows the athletes who participate in sideline cheerleading to have a season that recognizes their hard work,” said coach Ms. Haworth. Last year the team focused on learning about the game and the routines. “We did well with our competitions and are excited for this season,” Ms. Haworth said.

Stunt is a more competitive form of traditional cheerleading that includes aspects of gymnastics. Athletes perform stunts such as tumbling, basket tosses, and pyramids. During matches, which are divided into four quarters, two teams compete head-to-head on the mat to perform each routine best. The athletes can perform a range of six different levels of routines during four different rounds each quarter. The routine level of each round is decided by the team who has possession, which is decided at the beginning of the game by a coin toss and then by the winner of each round. Each round is awarded to the team with the best technique and skill, unless both teams are unable to complete the level of routine and must forfeit. The team that wins the round is awarded one point and gains possession. Team members must work together and combine their skills to complete each routine. “Stunt is unique because it deals with a very close-knit group of people. You have to work together and support each other because you aren’t worrying about just yourself,” said sophomore Taylor Enger.

The Stunt Team will compete with Arroyo Grande High School (AGHS) and Paso Robles High School (PRHS) on Mar. 26 at AGHS. On Mar. 21 they faced off against San Luis Obispo High School at 6 pm and Morro Bay High School at 7 pm at AGHS. The team competed with PRHS and Nipomo High School on, Mar. 19 at NHS. The stunt team’s first game of the season was with Nipomo and Paso Robles was on Thursday, Mar. 7 at AHS. After dealing with a few injuries on the team, they faced off against Nipomo at 5 pm and lost with a score of 0-20. Later that evening at 8 pm the team also lost to Paso with a score of 2-10. Despite the losses, the team is looking forward to a successful season. “They’re a close-knit group, and they support each other. The members of the team, especially our returners, support each other when the sport becomes stressful,” said Ms. Haworth.

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