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AP Mixer is opportunity for students to discuss AP classes

From left are Eric Fregoso, Nathaniel Holt, Rivaldo Guerrero talk about AP courses at lunch in the library during the AP Mixer. Photo by Natalie Hurd

The AP mixer held on Feb. 22 during lunch in the library was a chance for prospective AP students to ask questions about courses they were interested in for next year before Registration was over. Current AP students and some teachers were present at the mixer as resources. AP stands for Advanced Placement as students may be able to transfer those course credits to college if they score high enough on the AP Exams, which are scheduled for May.

Students who entered the library were directed to the 16 different tables representing each AP class. AP Literature teacher Ms. Corey asked current AP students to describe their AP class in three words. After the brief explanations, the students split up to hear more about AP courses they were considering, and others were sharing their experiences about classes they had taken.

Current AP students provided tips and their experiences about the courses. Sophomore Noah Dunsmore is currently taking AP European History because he wanted to have a more in-depth and extensive look into the subject. “The challenges many hear about in [an] AP class are outweighed by the more in-depth knowledge and insight you would get from the AP class,” Dunsmore said.

AP classes are challenging courses, but taking an AP course can provide college credit through the course itself or through the AP exam in May. Others students don’t want to take a AP class because of the extra stress. Sophomore Hailey Gent expressed interest in AP English Language and Composition, but said she has to “focus on my homework and [the class] will give me too much stress and pressure.” Some students are timid about taking AP classes due to the amount of work it takes to be successful and the added pressure that goes with that, but there are payoffs if students are invested enough. “Coming into an AP class requires students to go into more in depth with the course and includes more work,” said social studies teacher Mr. Donati. “However, students should try an AP class to experience what the course can offer.”

Registration for the 2019/2020 school year has been completed by the students, and now the counseling department has the task of trying to create a schedule of classes to accommodate student requests. AHS offers the following AP courses: AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition, AP United States History, AP European History, AP United States Government & Politics, AP Human Geography, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics 1, AP Spanish Language & Culture, AP Studio Art: 2D Design, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Psychology.

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