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Students had a blast at the ‘Neverland’ themed Winter Formal

Winter Formal royalty Wyatt Marshall and Natalie DeRose pose in the midst of the festivities. Photo contributed

From left are Mackenzie Bryson, Lauren Erb, and Alicia Rios shopped at Cinderella’s Closet prior to the Winter Formal. Photo by Zayra Salinas

During Meme Day during Spirit Week Annalisa Archibald, Bella Otter, and Phoebe Pilg dressed as the Three Blind Mice and competed for prizes in the gym.

Photo by Isabela Walrod

The 2019 AHS Winter Formal revolved around the Peter Pan story with the theme “A Night in Neverland.” The dance was held on Jan. 19 at the Paso Robles Event Center. Leadership students hosted the event and set up the venue with fairy lights, creating a room decorated with make-believe beds, children’s alphabet blocks, and a large teddy bear.

In general, students seemed to enjoy the event. Freshman Connor Moen thought the dance was a fun time to unwind and enjoy. “I thought the dance was great! It was a lot of fun! The food was good. It had a great theme. Decorations gave off a rustic barn vibe, which I liked. ”

Pastries, fruit, candy, and savoury snacks were on hand for the guests. Students could also get their pictures taken in a photobooth. Freshman Mackenna Langford also enjoyed herself. “The decorations that they had were nice, but I wish there had been a lot more. I liked the theme; it was cute, but it was kind of plain,” Langford said. “I wish they played more up-to-date songs from today and less older music. But other than that, I had a good time dancing and laughing with my friends.”

Senior Wyatt Marshall was elected Winter Formal king and senior Natalie Derose was chosen formal queen. Candidates for Winter Formal royalty were nominated by clubs, which is the tradition, and then voted on by the students. “I felt thankful and loved when I won; I was surprised to even see that I made the top three. The decorations were great. I loved the pixie hollow tree they set up in the center with the lights in it. I didn’t think there should be any improvements. The dance was perfect!” said DeRose.

In preparation, Leadership students hosted a Spirit Week in the five days prior to the dance. First, on Monday was Pajama Day, and then Twin Tuesday where students paired with one another and wore similar clothing. Then Wednesday was Meme/Vine Day; students dressed up as memes or vines for that day. Thursday was Tie-Dye Day, when students wore tie-dyed apparel. On Friday, students wore clothing matching their class colors. Another event during Spirit Week was Cinderella’s Closet, a resource for students searching for formal dresses, shoes, and jewelry to wear to formal. Cinderella’s Closet was open during Study Hall in the B-building in the days before Formal. Students could go in and try on dresses in a little tent, and they could also select shoes and accessories. If students wanted to borrow a dress, shoes, or jewelry, they had to check them out and were required to return anything borrowed the week after Winter Formal. Being able to borrow formal wear helps keep the costs down, and with ticket prices at $40, that is helpful.

Winter formal was a success, bringing students from all grades in AHS to enjoy a exhilarating night. AHS upperclass students can look forward to the next dance, Prom, on Apr. 28.

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