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AHS develops new motto, establishes monthly recognition competitions

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AHS has begun new monthly competitions which promote a happier school culture and recognize outstanding students and staff based on monthly themes. Every theme ties back to the new school creed, “Bleed Orange, Sweat Grey” that the Student Advisory Council recently developed and that students voted chose.

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) and the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committees have come together to create this new, positive school tradition. The PBIS is a council of administrators who help student ideas get implemented, and the SAC is a student group that was started this year by AHS math teacher Ms. Medina. The goal of SAC is to improve school culture and make AHS a happier place by “creating a team of students who want to see change at AHS, and by being a voice on campus to our adult leaders at the district office,” according to council member senior Trinity Leland.

On Jan. 16, students voted between two options for a new school motto that best represented Greyhound spirit. The winning motto has “Bleed Orange” which stands for Respect, Pride, and Spirit, and “Sweat Grey,” which represents being Prompt, Productive, Prepared, and Persevering. Seventy-five percent of all students chose this over, “Greyhounds” which represented an anachronym for Growth Mindset, Respect, Energy, and that they consistently think about and Working Towards their Futures.

Every month starting in February, five to seven students and two to three staff members will be rewarded for embodying elements of “Bleed Orange, Sweat Grey.” Students and staff can observe others around them who are demonstrating that month’s theme and nominate them. February’s theme was “Respect.” On Feb. 5 during fourth period students filled out forms to nominate any student or staff member they believed should receive the award for Respect. Teachers and staff can also nominate other staff members or students they feel have displayed the monthly theme. The PBIS committee then reviews the monthly nominees, and the SAC chooses the winners for each month based on the descriptions included with each nomination. For the month of February, the winners’ names and the reason they were nominated were announced during the morning bulletin on Feb. 12. A celebration took place during Study Hall on Feb. 14 where winners received certificates and gift cards for local businesses.

The new motto will also be displayed around campus. AHS’s Portfolio Production Class, taught by Mr. Bradley, will create several graphic logos for the new motto, which the SAC will then vote on.

It is the PBIS committee’s and the SAC’s goal that the competitions will “build a strong recognition system for students who showcase positive behaviors on campus,” according to Ms. Medina. The monthly competitions are supposed to improve AHS by promoting positive core values across the school community. Greyhounds are encouraged to be hardworking and responsible as they exhibit their school spirit and pride. “To “Bleed Orange” is to know that being in AHS is to be part of the greater Atascadero community, and to “Sweat Grey” is to show off what makes the school community proud. “We can't be a spirited high school if we don't have it on the home field,” Leland added.

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