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Tigers tear Hounds to shreds in disappointing match up

Junior Kylee Degnan takes a shot despite being mobbed by the opposing SLO Tigers. Photo by Megan Weferling

The San Luis Obispo Tigers girls basketball crushed the visiting Atascadero Greyhounds, with a final score of 22-69 at Tuesday’s game on Dec. 18.

The entire game was a tough battle for the Hounds as they fought tooth and nail to try and raze the Tigers from their ten-game winning streak. The Tigers are not perfect, but they’re close to it and getting better. The Hounds had every intention of acing their competitor.

As the buzzer announced the end of the first quarter, the score rested at 6-18 Tigers. At this point, the Hounds still had a chance at making a rebound and walking away with a win.

Atascadero is known for starting out flat and bringing their best nearing the end, but as the second quarter came to a stop at 9-34 Tigers, it seemed the opportunity to make a comeback was going to be a strenuous battle.

After the third quarter any hope of overcoming the Tigers seemed near impossible to accomplish, considering the score was 16-48 with the Tigers leading; however, that in no way stopped the Hounds from fighting their hardest.

By the end of the game, the Hounds had a 40-point deficit to the Tigers points bringing the final score to 22-62 Tigers.

The Greyhounds now own a 1-10 win/loss record. They played next when the Santa Maria Saints traveled to Atascadero to face off in a game on Friday, December 21. Atascadero encountered the Saints coming off a 32-52 win over Morro Bay. At press time, the Saints record stood at 6-5, so the girls basketball team regrouped after a disappointing loss to face another tough team.

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