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Boys basketball team’s winning streak ends in battle against SLO

Mitchell Carpenter drives the ball around his defender. Photo by Eden Marshall

The San Luis Obispo Tigers basketball overthrew the Atascadero Greyhounds boys basketball team, ending their three-game winning streak in their own territory, with a final score of 39-73 Tigers at Tuesday’s home game on Dec. 18.

The entire game was a clash for the win as Tigers and Hounds attempted to wipeout the opponent and claim the title for themselves. The Tigers have had an almost foolproof season, only losing two of the ten games they’ve played. The Hounds had every motive to demolish their challenger at home.

As the buzzer signaled the end of the first quarter, the score rested at 15-14 Hounds. At that point in the game, the Hounds had a slim advantage over the Tigers and were holding a tight grasp on the slight edge they had over the opposing team.

Atascadero seemed hopeful by the second quarter. With the score at 22-35 Tigers, the Hounds were just on the rim of being able to make a rebound. They would need to make seven more two point shots in order to lead the game.

After the third quarter, any hope of overcoming the Tigers seemed nearly futile considering the score was 32-55 Tigers. However, that in no way disencourage the Hounds from fighting their hardest.

By the end of the game, Hounds had a 34-point shortfall to the Tigers, bringing the final score to 39-73.

The Greyhounds now own a 5-7 win/loss record. They play next when the North Stars traveled to Atascadero to face off in a game on Thursday, December 27. Atascadero encountered the Stars coming off a 70-44 win over Templeton. At press time, their record stood at 4-6.

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