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K-pop club comes to AHS

The members of the new K-pop Club met at lunch recently to plan activities. Photo by Isabela Walrod

A new K-pop club has come to AHS, carrying with it a hope to bring people together to have a fun time. K-pop music originated in the early 1990’s in South Korea, and the term “K-pop” has been generalized since the 2000’s. Korean pop is part of the Korean Wave which symbolizes a global phenomenon originating in South Korea at the beginning of the 21st century that influenced contemporary culture, film, music and the television industry.

Club founder junior Aude Mahieu said, “It’s been so much fun. I enjoy Korean pop music. I founded this club because I believe the K-pop world is bringing people together. This club could help the school with their fundraising.” The KPop club is are enthusiasts of Korean music, the club meets up to discuss their love for Kpop and brainstorm ideas to improve their high school campus. They also enjoy the upbeat and happy mood of the songs along with their amazing choreography. Another club member, freshman Grace Meade, said, “The music is awesome; their choreography is super cool. I enjoy listening to it a lot!” Kpop is mainly influenced by hip hop and urban dance choreography. They bring in a lot of different choreographers from outside of Korea to choreograph their music videos The most popular groups the club enjoys are BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) and TWICE. Other popular K-pop bands that the club listens to are EXO, 2NE1, and Girls’ Generation.

AHS has enjoyed the benefits of having K-Pop on campus. The K-Pop club also has planned some flash mobs and dance classes in the library for students to learn K-Pop dances. “We already have a lot of dances in mind, and my team and I are really excited to start the events,” Mahieu said. For the fundraiser, Mahieu said, “We are planning on doing bake sails and creative KPop things which we aren’t sure yet what to do. We would put the money in sport uniforms, drama costumes, anatomy class, and supplies for the school. We will soon also have a K-drama during study hall for those who want to watch one and dance tutorials during study hall of K-pop dances.” As the year goes on, the K-pop club plans to do much more for the High School.

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