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Greyhound Alum Graduates from U.S. Marine Boot Camp

2018 AHS alum Ean Marshall recently graduated from the US Marine boot camp. Photo by Eden Marshall.

Former Atascadero High School student and athlete Ean Marshall graduated from the U.S. Marine boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego on Sept. 21. Marshall graduated from AHS in 2018 and is well known by many on this campus as his brother is a senior at AHS and mother works in the office.

Marine Recruit training is the most difficult recruit training in the nation. The mission of MCRD is to provide reception, processing, and recruit training for male enlisted personnel. The recruits become equipped with the fighting spirit, core values, pride, and fellowship in the title they earned.

“What sparked my interest in becoming a Marine was seeing how powerful and passionate veterans are about the fact that they are a Marine forever and they are a part of something bigger than themselves,” said Marshall. During basic training, recruits are prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally over the course of 13 weeks. “The motivation to get through boot camp was wanting to earn my place in the world’s greatest fighting force, to earn the title of a United States Marine,” Marshall said.

After graduating from recruit training, the new Marines are to attend the School of Infantry (SOI) to develop the skills they need to become a basic riflemen. From there, the Marines enlist in a Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) school where they will be equipped with the necessary expertise to excel in their MOS and the Fleet Marine Force. During MOS schooling, Marshall will be trained in combat engineering. Combat engineers are often on the front line of any offensive environment, performing a variety of construction and demolition tasks when in action with enemy troop—which are among the most important tasks in the Marine Corps. “For those who aspire to be Marines, my advice to you is to run as much as possible” Marshall said. “Also, meet with your local recruiter so they can help you and get you to pool functions, along with physical training events.” Recruiters help students choose a pathway individually for the job each recruit aspires to. They guide future recruits through completing enlistment documents, scheduling physical examinations, and maintaining accurate records. Those interested in joining the Marine Corps can contact (805) 238-0913 or visit the local office to meet with a recruiter at Oak Hill Road Suite 116, Paso Robles. Students may also visit the AHS library to pick up a brochure for more information on military recruitment.

As for Marshall, he will be attending the SOI for two months, followed by MOS schooling for nine weeks to develop his skills as a combat engineer while pursuing his childhood dream in the United States Marine Corps.

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