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Few students comply with Dress Code during hot weather

This school year, the school dress code has been violated a lot. Assistant Principal of Discipline and Attendance Mr. Allen is in charge of enforcing the dress code and deals out the consequences of violating it.

Students know the rules regarding the the dress code. All the students and parents were emailed about the dress code, which is included in the Student Handbook, and students took a quiz on the handbook during the first week of school. Common dress code violations include clothing that is too revealing or clothing that shows violence or any type of weapon.

Although some students may not like it, the dress code is good and fair. Many students think they should be able to dress the way want to, but as Mr. Allen said, “Like with many things, there has to be limits. For example, when you’re driving, you have to stay within the speed limit and in your lane. There’s a limit to everything.” The dress code exists to set standards and enforce limits at AHS.

Consequences of dress code violations range from a call home to detention or being sent home to change clothes. “Not every type of clothing is appropriate for a public school. Too much revealing may not even be safe,” said Mr. Allen.

According to freshman Andrea Sandoval,“The dress code is bad because it technically limits people to a certain thing that they need to wear.” However the dress code is supposed to limit what students wear, so those limits will naturally cause some controversy.

Freshman Zackary Schaefer said, “I guess it’s fair, but I’ve never seen anyone get dress coded. I’ve seen girls who wear the worst things and not get dress coded.” He’s not wrong, I have also seen girls wearing clothing that is just inappropriate. Students come to school to learn and expand our knowledge, not to get distracted by revealing clothing.

When asked if he would consider any changes to the dress code, Mr. Allen said, “Always… a long time ago it was a different style. The dress code will continue to evolve just like the styles will, too.” As styles evolve, the dress code will also have to change over time.

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