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Young Girl’s Water Polo Team Perseveres

Jasmyn Kaczmarek looks for an open teammate to pass. Photo by Eden Marshall

The AHS girl’s varsity water polo team started the season with a disappointing loss against their rival Paso Robles on Tuesday, Aug. 20. Senior Cristina Mansir scored the lone goal for the Greyhounds in the third quarter. Many of the players showed a lot of talent as individuals, although they are still working on coordinating as a newly developed team. Despite the score of 16-1, the players are equipped with the confidence to continue improving towards a successful season.

“The team as a whole should work on being a family. We can’t choose our family, they are just there, and that’s how it is in this sport as well. You can’t choose your team, but you can choose how much you love them and how you play for, and with them,” commented Evelyn Rinkenberger. “The new head coach, Rob Rucker, also had a positive outlook on the season. “The biggest challenge my team faces is themselves,” Rucker said. “Once they realize that they are as good as I know they are, they will be fine as a team. Hopefully, they come to that realization sooner than later.”

The Greyhounds lost 11 of their talented graduating seniors last year, resulting in a relatively young team this year. “Obviously, the biggest challenge for this young team is who will step up and take the lead,” Rucker said. “That coupled with just becoming confident in their abilities. I can’t wait for them to overcome those challenges, because once they do…watch out.”

Despite a frustrating start to the season, many of the girls are excited about the challenges ahead of them. Junior Mina Nogi said, “I’m super excited for this season because we have such an amazing group of strong and talented girls. I believe that we will go far this season, we just have to have confidence in ourselves.” Water polo fans can come to the home games on the following dates:

Atascadero vs San Luis Obispo (Sept. 11 at 5:00)

Atascadero vs Nipomo (Oct. 3 at 4:00)

Atascadero vs Arroyo Grande (Oct. 9 at 4:00)

Atascadero vs Righetti (Oct. 18 at 4:00)

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